“Why cut costs when you can recover Profit”

Every process has its error margin. APerium analyses your Supplier Accounting data, detects all possible errors and recovers any undue payments on a no cure, no pay basis.

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The Process


Data collection

Everything starts with the collection of your Accounts Payable data, whichever accounting or ERP system you use (Oracle, SAP, Xpertis, AS400,…).

The beauty of it all: after we get your data dump, we can work independently.



Off course there is no such thing as magic, but it is the next best thing. With data mining logarithms and other interesting techniques we isolate the risks in your immense amount of data.

The beauty of it all: We can do this all by ourselves and you are taking advantage of our experience we built up during the course of years.


Prove it

Whether we consider Scanning errors, Double payments, payments to the wrong suppliers, open credit notes, … we collect all required documents as evidence for our case. With this evidence both you and the supplier have all the information to make all corrections accordingly.

The beauty of it all: we can do this all by ourselves.



All Undue Payments are recovered by auditors directly to your account.

The beauty of it all: all you need to is confirm to us when you have received yet another reimbursement.


Process Improvement

Based on our results, we can tell you exactly where the imperfections in your process are located and how to take the correct measures.

The beauty of it all: this is part of our standard scope.

What’s in it for you?


Cash flow improvement

The recovery of undue payments is possible “found cash” and immediately adds to the net operating income. The supplied information provides the ideal basis for optimization of cash flow in the long term.

Process Improvement

In order to improve a process, it is important to measure where improvements are to be applied, instead of relying on vague assumptions. The strategic information that APerium provides you, is the ideal basis for the implementation of Best Practices to provide a permanent improvement in your Purchasing and Accounting Processes.

No Cure, No Pay

The full service APerium is based on a no cure, no pay principle. Our efforts are rewarded only when an effective outcome is achieved.

Why would you not do it?

Even in the case when no overpayments are recovered, APerium delivers new insights and transparency on the cooperation with your suppliers. This way, you can focus on your relationship and future cooperation based on concrete facts.

“You are not the first, nor the last!”

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Coffee Break

You offer us a cup of coffee and we even bring our own mug. It can be said, in the timeframe of a coffee break, we can easily introduce our strong points.


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