Accounts Payable Analysis

APerium searches and recovers any undue or double payments towards suppliers. All is based on the historical analyses of your supplier invoice data and outgoing payments.

1. Accounts Payable Recovery Audit

Based on the submitted Accounting datasets and the results of the in house developed software, APerium performs an Accounts Payable analysis. Regardless of the ERP package, APerium looks at the billing and payment data and looks for anomalies that were undiscovered. After a successful identification and verification, the lost amounts are recovered on the bank account of our customer. The in-house developed software gives APerium the flexibility to carry out each project according to the specific needs and desires of the customer.

2. Supplier Analysis

Your suppliers are a valuable partner in your organization. But how well do you know your suppliers? Is all your supplier data in the ERP system up to date and correct? APerium offers you new insights from a neutral point of view, which can help you optimizing day-to-day business with your partners.

3. Data enrichment

The master vendor data from your accounting software is the foundation for your enterprise processes. Incomplete or incorrect master vendor data is a well known and important cause of errors. As a result of the Accounts Payable Audit, APerium will provide you the opportunity for suggested completions and corrections to the master vendor data, for the benefit of the quality of your activities.

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