Contract Compliance

APerium searches for any overpayments or rebates you might have missed. For this we analyze your supplier contracts and verify the agreements that have been made with the facts and figures of your AP data.

1. Discounts

Discounts and rebates in all their forms are often cumulated into a complex calculation. In reality not all information is completely distributed to all involved parties within your organization.

By digitalization of the contract core data on the one hand and linking to the AP Analyse on the other, APerium can efficiently cross-check if all agreements that were made, were respected.

2. Price Lists

The translation of your contractual agreements towards your Purchase Order System or ERP software, often passes the hands of different stakeholders and intermediaries.

During our analysis APerium not only checks if the original agreements were applied correctly, but also if the evolution in time of all prices have been calculated as agreed upon. calculated as agreed upon.

3. Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance contracts in general follow a different purchasing process than goods. APerium not only checks if the contract is respected in terms of price, but also if the scope is clear and all services and goods integrated have been correctly applied. We also verify if all equipment concerned in the SLA’s is still in use within your organization.

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