Meet the team

Who says Accounts Payable audits have to be dull? Not us! Meet our team of auditors who are just as charming and entertaining as they are skilled at uncovering discrepancies. Think of them as your own personal accounting detectives - but with a better sense of humor.


  • Born in Antwerp
  • Graduated and experienced in the social sector
  • King of project execution and lives for process improvement
  • Speaks Dutch, English, French, Bosnian, and Italian
  • Loves cheese very much
  • Cofounder


  • Born and raised in the Antwerp Kempen
  • Graduated as a Business Engineer at the UA
  • Data wizard and passionate about numbers
  • Speaks fluent Dutch, English, and French
  • Eternal optimist
  • Cofounder


  • Born and raised in Antwerp
  • Graduated in Event & Project Management
  • Emperor of Sales and passionate about international contacts
  • Experience in sales, marketing, hospitality, and recruitment
  • Speaks Dutch, English, French, Polish, and Spanish
  • Steak (yes, the meat) specialist


  • Born and raised in Antwerp
  • Experience in marketing, sales & logistics
  • Finds every mistake (believe us!)
  • Fitness fanatic and techno-king
  • Eternal renovator


  • Born and raised in Lier
  • Graduated as a civil engineer from KUL
  • MBA at Vlerick Business School
  • Strategy and planning: no bridge too far
  • Experience in the renewable electricity sector
  • Likes to produce ginger juice
  • Cofounder

Open application

Do you want to join our team? Feel free to send us your CV, and who knows, we might invite you for an interview!

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